Fall 2021

The disciplinary committee will determine fees for red cards or altercations using the fines below as a guide.  The disciplinary committee may add on additional fees or suspensions due to special circumstances.  The disciplinary committee also has the right to add new categories as new situations arise. 

Team/Fan Altercation
Any team with multiple players and/or fans involved in an altercation
Walk off Fine
$50.00 + Ref fee
Any team that forfeits once a game has started (unless they drop below 7 players due to injuries or a red card) will be required to pay the Forfeit Fine AND the Referee Fee
Additional Red Card(s)
Additional red card(s) in a calendar year
Red Card
1st red card in a calendar year
Late Start
Any team that delays the start of the game when they have a minimum of 7 players
Late Forfeit
Any forfeit after noon on Thursday
Early Forfeit
Assessed for more than one forfeit in a season for each game
Failure to bring net, flags or alternate jerseys (if needed)
Manager's Meeting
Failure to attend a Manager's Meeting
Loss of Game Due to Forfeit
Credit applies for each forfeit but is canceled out if receiving team also forfeits a game. Credit only applies to teams returning the following season. Teams will not recieve a forfeit credit if the game is forfeited after it has began.
Loss of Game
Any game not played due to a unexpected field closure or referee no show. This does not include games that are cancelled due to rain or poor air quality.